Proud of our heritage and optimistic about our future, our movement brings together people who want a strong, united Europe to lead the world back into the light of reason in the 21st century.

We are proud, balanced, positive, pragmatic, ambitious, confident, energized, and united

  • We are proud of our continent and of the contributions Europe made to the evolution of humanity. We recognize that Europe is the birthplace of democracy, freedom, human rights, science, art, and continues to be the main pillar of stability in the world today. 
  • We are balanced and rational. We denounce fanaticism, hate, and intolerance as cardinal sins against the essence and teachings of Europe. We embrace reason as our guiding light, as our primary means of dealing with adversity and opportunity alike.
  • We are positive and appreciative of our society. Our forefathers built, from the ashes of two bloody World Wars, a shining beacon of liberty, equality, and justice. We respect their gift, and it is our mission to achieve their dream of unifying our continent in one strong federation.
  • We are pragmatic about the world around us, and clear-eyed about the challenges ahead. We understand that driving positive change in the world is only possible from a position of strength, and we want Europe to frame and execute clear strategic goals to achieve that.
  • We are ambitious in our vision for Europe. We see Europe as the leader the world needs in the 21st century. The challenges ahead cannot be answered by militaristic or tyrannical regimes. The world is ready to welcome Europe’s balanced and thoughtful leadership.
  • We are confident about our strength and our ability to deal with any challenge. Our strength comes from our values, from our respect for dignity, human rights, and reason. We are fighting for a just cause; we are united and strong.
  • We are energized about living the values of Europeanism in our daily life, meeting other like-minded Europeans, forming a bond of trust, learning from each other, and doing our part to leave a better, safer, cleaner world for our children.
  • We are united, we stick together through good times and bad. We give and seek feedback, we hold each other to a high standard of excellence and help each other achieve more than we could on our own. Above all, we are one family and defend each other against any threat. 

In summary, we are Europeans, we strive to live our ideals in every day of our lives, and we are committed to getting the European Federation done in our lifetime.

Join and discover the Europeanist way of life.

Meet your fellow Europeanists, celebrate our future, and spread the good news.

Europe is coming.