The creation of the new European Union will be done first in the hearts and minds of the peoples of Europe. The institutional framework is already in place, the legal tools to take Europe forward already exist. What is missing is a compelling vision for Europe as a force for good in the world, and a mission to restore reason – not strength – as the chief principle for the international world order.

To achieve that, the message of federalism needs to be taken into mainstream. To do this, we will focus on building the proper networks and connections with the European media and political networks that can amplify our message. However, triggering Art. 20 discussions and debates in enough countries requires access to mainstream media, visibility, triggering debates.

Europe needs a champion. We are not confused about our role; we are not trying to be mayors or run for local councils. We are happy to work with parties, candidates, and elected officials who share our values and worldview, but we avoid at all cost dividing our attention from our goal: bring the message of our common European destiny to the peoples of Europe.

Currently, the best way for us to get the resources, platform, and communication potential necessary to bring federalism into the mainstream is to leverage the European Union itself and the resources it places at the disposal of European Political Parties.

Political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union. They contribute to forming a European awareness and to expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union. — Treaty of Maastricht, Article 191

A European Political Party is a concept introduced as a way of allowing state parties to organize themselves. However, to date, there is no top-down European Political Party, i.e. a political organization established first as a European Political Party with the express goal of driving progress at the European level. The EPPs of today are a collection of traditional national parties; they are coordination bodies at best, not policy and direction setting organizations. 

In practice, the question today’s EPPs are attempting to answer is “what can the EU do to advance the interests of our national political parties”, rather than “how can our national political parties participate in the greater goals of a United Europe”.

Our Approach

In this context, our strategy is to approach the creation of an EPP from the top-down — as the founding fathers intended. To that end, we intend to create a network of dedicated, federalist-minded national political parties in different countries across the continent.

The national parties we will establish are not operating independently towards their own local goals, but are cohesive units led by dedicated, strong-willed federalists with a singular goal in mind — bring about the establishment of the European Federation and elevate it to its natural place of leadership in the world. 

We do not intend to get sidetracked into competing for local or municipal political positions; we compete with a single purpose: to win 3% of the vote in 7 European countries in 2024. We will build a core team of dedicated activists who will support our mission.

In short, our approach is to establish an empowered, robust European Political Party (EPP) that will be the vehicle for the creation of the European Federation. This will allow us to promote the idea of the creation of the European Federation to the mainstream.

Our Priorities

As we prepare for the European Parliamentary election cycle of 2024, we are pursuing a set of immediate priorities:

  • Develop a comprehensive membership and fundraising platform to ensure we have the necessary financial resources to carry out our mission.
  • Leverage the resources the EU and media access to bring a strong, clear, and loud message of federalism to the mainstream
  • Design a comprehensive political strategy to ensure our message resonates with the people of Europe.
  • Establish a network of academic and political professionals to provide the necessary expertise for our mission.

Long Term Vision

After the constitutional and political reform of the union, our intention is to transition into a mainstream governing party — but not before. We do not intend to dilute our focus from our primary mission, which is to awaken the peoples of Europe to the potential — and necessity — of a united Europe as a force for good in the world.


We are ready to take action to reform and evolve Europe. Our mission is to spread the message of unity and to bring the dream of a stronger, united Europe to life. 

We are committed to doing this through a top-down approach, engaging with the resources of the European Union and the media. Our strategy is to trigger Article 20, leading to the establishment of the European Federation. We are determined to make this dream a reality and to create a united Europe that can act as a force for good in the world, fully able to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. 

Now is the time to take action. We invite everyone who shares our vision to join us in our mission. Together, we can make create an inspiring future for Europe.

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