Pablo relocated to the European Union at a tender age following his mother’s request for family reunification. Since then, he has resided in various locations within the EU, pursuing studies and later establishing his career. Fluent in Spanish, his native language, he also possesses a strong command of English, French, and Czech. Currently, he resides in Prague alongside his Czech wife, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son. Pablo, a Spanish citizen, not only considers himself a proud son of Andalusia, which he lovingly refers to as his adopted home.

His academic journey encompassed Political Sciences, which he pursued through a collaborative initiative between the University of Granada in Spain and Sciences Po Bordeaux in France. His primary areas of focus included Politics in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Political Strategy. As his professional trajectory unfolded, Pablo transitioned into the field of technology, specializing in areas such as AI, Automation, and Social Media. From his university years onward, he has been a vocal advocate for several concepts, including the establishment of an EU army, the implementation of a comprehensive tax system across all 27 member countries, and a more proactive role for the Union in international politics.