? Event Details:

Date: 20th to 22nd of July, 2023

Location: Brussels, Belgium

?️ Let’s Talk Europe’s Future:

Get ready for some thought-provoking debates as we dive deep into the future of Europe. We’ll be discussing everything from the rise of Eastern totalitarianism to the erosion of democratic values, environmental challenges, and economic stagnation. Together, we’ll brainstorm strategies to bolster Europe’s global leadership and overcome these hurdles.

?️ Inside European Institutions:

Ever wondered what goes on inside the European institutions? Well, wonder no more! We’ve arranged a guided tour where you can gain insights and deepen your understanding of Europe’s political institutions.

? Time to Party:

After all the serious business, it’s time to let loose and celebrate our shared vision for Europe. We’ll be throwing an epic party, where you can relax, mingle, and have a great time. Trust us, it’s going to be a night to remember!

So save the date and get yourself to Brussels. Let’s join forces to create a force for good in the world and shape the destiny of Europe!

Spread the word and bring your friends and colleagues who are just as passionate about a united, sovereign Europe as we are.

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