Described as “intense but nice”, Razvan is a staunch supporter of European unity and assertiveness. His journey, from Romania to France, the United States, Sweden, and now South East Asia, reflects a global perspective honed by diverse experiences. With an academic foundation from INSEAD, where he earned his MBA, and a BA in Economics, Razvan has built a robust career in the private sector, with a focus on the technology and telecommunications sector.

Razvan firmly believes in the strength Europe derives from its mosaic of national cultures and identities. His own identity, as he sees it, is a shared tapestry of Romanian roots, Swedish affinities, and a European soul. At the core of his beliefs is a reverence for the foundational principles of Western political thought: the sanctity of democracy, the inherent rights of every individual, and the idea that true sovereignty is derived from the will of the people.

In the political sphere, Razvan advocates for a strong, assertive Europe who does not shy away from the great challenges of the 21st century. His passion for Europe is unwavering, desiring a continent that is strong, assertive, and united. To Razvan, Europe holds immense potential to enact positive change globally, if it finds the courage to embrace the right vision.

Razvan’s vision is clear: a Europe that honors its individual cultures while standing united in its shared values, ready to lead in an ever-evolving global landscape.